32-channel parallel interface PMC


This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on September 1, 2007

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PMCPIO1 is a PMC providing a flexible parallel I/O solution optimized for smaller system configurations in which a range of interface options must be supported in a space- and cost-effective manner. Full BIT support is provided together with software compatibility over a range of ruggedization levels.

Sixteen bi-directional digital I/O channels are arranged as 8 master channels linked to 8 slave channels. The direction control of each master channel may be individually configured via the host PCI interface. The direction of each slave channel mirrors that of the corresponding master channel. Each bank of 8 channels may be factory configured for either TTL or differential RS422 signal levels.

Sixteen independent output drivers may be factory configured in banks of 8 as either open collector with both collector and emitter routed off card or as a set of relay contacts.



  • Change of state count before trigger flag/interrupt
  • Up to 16 inputs with change of state detection
  • Programmable de-bounce time on inputs
  • Up to 4 signal types including bi-directional TTL, bid-directional RS422 levels, solid state relay, open collector
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Input over-voltage protection
  • Full power and signal isolation
  • PMC form factor
  • 32 parallel channels, 16 input/output, 16 output only
  • Inputs permanently enabled for BIT monitoring
  • Air- and conduction-cooled formats available
  • IEEE 1386.1/PCI 2.1 compliant




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