PMC-StarLite is a switched-fabric interconnect in PMC form factor designed to link G4DSP VME boards.


This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on June 27, 2014

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PMC-StarLite is a switched-fabric interconnect in PMC form factor designed to link G4DSP VME boards. Each PMC-StarLite provides a 6-port StarFabric switch with each port capable of 5 Gb/s peak communications, in the form of 2.5 Gb/s peak transit + 2.5 Gb/s peak receive duplex.

Four of the 6 ports are routed to the PMC front panel for front I/O or to the PMC P4 connector for rear I/O. The remaining 2 ports are connected on-board to the StarFabric-to-PCI bridge.

PMC-StarLite is available in air-cooled or conduction-cooled formats. A VxWorks driver is available for use with the G4DSP and PowerPC single board computer (SBC) products.

  • StarFabric-to-PCI bridge with 32/64-bit, 33/66 MHz PCI Interface and 2 StarFabric ports
  • StarFabric inter-board interconnect PMC
  • StarFabric 6-port switch with 5 Gb/s peak (duplex) aggregate bandwidth on each port, and 30 Gb/s peak non-blocking switching for high-availability
  • 4 StarFabric ports routed either to the front or rear
  • 2 StarFabric ports to the StarFabric-to-PCI bridge
  • PMC form factor
  • Air-cooled or conduction-cooled
  • Ruggedization Levels

Article - Advances in Radar Processing (Military & Aerospace Electronics July 2008)

PLM Program

PLM Program


Form Factor
Operating System (OS) Support
AXIS Support
Fabric Interface
Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled


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