PMC with dual CAN 2.0 controllers


This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on April 15, 2009

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PMC-ECAN-2 implements a dual CAN 2.0 controller on a single-wide PMC. It is used for a variety of industrial automation, process control, and automotive applications that require CAN 2.0 for field bus message communications. The PMC-ECAN-2 features two Intel 82527 CAN interface controllers. Both channels are completely independent. The Intel 82527 CAN controller supports both CAN specifications 2.0 part A (standard 11-bit identifier) and part B (extended 29-bit identifier). Two CAN physical interfaces are configurable for the PMC-ECAN: CAN High Speed and modified RS-485. They are both optically isolated from the CAN controller. Power is available via an on-board DC/DC converter. Front panel I/O access is provided via DB9 connectors. VxWorks device drivers are available for the PMC-ECAN. The module is compliant with standard single-wide PMC specifications IEEE P1386.1.

  • VxWorks driver available -- purchased separately
  • Not recommended for new designs


  • VD-PMCEXTCAN VxWorks driver purchased separately