MMS8010 Micro Mezzanine System Carrier

Six ECM sites

MMS8010 carrier card


The MMS8010 carrier card gives you ultimate flexibility in rugged embedded I/O by allowing you to customize the 96 user-configurable VPX backplane signals with our patented Electrical Conversion Module (ECM) technology. This configurable carrier can host up to six ECMs giving you the ability to customize I/O to your needs.

Abaco Systems’ portfolio of companion ECMs ensures you have the right mix of I/O on a single board solution. Choose from several serial protocols, digital I/O, audio, or analog interfaces.

The MMS8010 is VITA 65-compliant and maps the 96 user-configurable pins to VPX backplane signals on differential wafers P1-8 through P1-16 (32 pins), and P2-1 thru P2-16 (64 pins). User-configurable backplane I/O can be programmatically isolated with the inclusion of the solid state relay (SSR) option when ordering.

Board communication and control is accomplished over a PCIe™ Gen 1 x4 link to a PCIe fabric over VPX P1-1 through P1-4.   

The MMS8010 comes pre-loaded with a default FPGA image compiled in Quartus Prime from Altera® with Qsys providing the interconnection between the Avalon bus IP components within the FPGA.  In many cases, this removes the need for firmware and software API customizations. Full FPGA source is available for users who want the ability for advanced customization.

The FPGA is effectively the engine for the carrier orchestrating processing and I/O functions for the installed ECMs. The FPGA can be optionally populated with an Altera Cyclone V device with 50K logic elements or up to 149.5K logic elements depending on application need.

The MMS8010 is offered in both VITA 48.1 air-cooled configuration as well as a VITA 48.2 conduction cooled configurations allowing customers to easily move from development to deployment with a common set of hardware.



Form Factor
Air, Conduction
FPGA Resources
50k logic elements standard, optional 149.5K logic elements
User Programmable FPGA
Altera Cyclone V

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