Digital I/O with 32 TTL Channels & Timers

IP-DUALPIT2 Industry/Pack Module


IP-DUALPIT2 is a drop in replacement for the IP-DUAL-PIT. It is a single-wide IndustryPack with programmable interface/timer ICs that emulate two Motorola MC68230 ICs. The IP-DUALPIT2 is configured to take advantage of the more sophisticated options of the ICs. Timer and interrupt options are implemented. In Dual PI/T mode, 32 digital lines are available, plus timer I/O and hardware handshake lines that use alternate ground lines on the I/O cable to reduce noise. The digital lines have multiple programmable interface options, including bit I/O, byte I/O, double buffered input or output, bi-directional I/O and hardware handshake with integrated interrupts.

  • 50-conductor flat cable interface connector
  • Two 24-bit synchronous counters
  • Single-wide IndustryPack


Form Factor


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