ICS-500 R/T

FPDP/FPDP II PCI buffer PMC module with a PCI 32-bit/64-bit 33/66 MHz bus interface, in a PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) format. It is available in two versions, for transmit and receive applications.

ICS-500 R/T

This product entered a Restricted Production Phase (RPP) on July 10, 2012

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The ICS-500 offers a 400 MBytes/s FPDP II interface, 8 MBytes/s of memory and a PCI 2.2 32/64-Bit, 33/66 MHz PCI DMA interface. It is available in two versions, for transmit and receive applications. Since FPDP II is backwards compabitable with ANSI/VITA 17 FPDP standard, the card also supports the earlier FPDP format through an auto-sense capability. The FPDP standard was pioneered by Abaco Systems and is now widely accepted in the industry for high throughput sensor data transfer applications.

The ICS-500-R is an FPDP II receive interface; in ANSI/VITA 17 terminology, it can provide both FPDP/RM and FPDP/R capabilities. A key feature of the ICS-500-R is its ability to perform the corner turning function. This software enabled feature reorders multi-channel data from channel ordering by time to time ordering by channel. The feature is commonly required in sensor processing systems and is usually performed by digital signal processing (DSP) elements. By transferring this function to the dedicated hardware located on the ICS-500-R, substantial additional DSP power is made available for other activites.

The ICS-500-T provides an FPDP transmit function, also known as an FPDP/TM interface. The features provided by this version are similar to those provided by the ICS-500-R except that the flow of the data is in the opposite direction. The channel selection and corner turning features are not provided. However, as an additional feature, the ICS-500-T provides a Loop mode of operation, in which a fixed length of data equal to the programmed buffer length is written to both banks of the swing buffer. When triggered, this data is repetitively generated and transmitted by the FPDP output interface. The ICS-500-T also allows the frame rate of transmitted data to be controlled, for applications where data must be transmitted at a specified sampling rate. This is done by programming of the FPDP Strobe (clock) frequency, which can be done with fine resolution over a wide frequency range.

The ICS-500-R/T board offers a high-speed FPDP interface to any third party product that includes a PMC site. This is a popular feature in most DSP, CPU and other interface boards. A PMC module can be used with any type of bus board (VME, PCI, cPCI, etc.). Using ICS-500-R/T, it is therefore possible to move high-speed FPDP data from one type of bus platform to another.



  • Continious, one-shot and loop modes of data output (ICS-500T version)
  • Continuous and capture buffer modes of data input (ICS-500R version)
  • 2 or 8 MByte onboard "swing buffer"
  • Software-controlled channel selection and "corner turning" capabilities
  • PCI 2.2 (64-bit, 66 MHz) interface
  • FPDP/TM or FPDP/R - versions
  • Internal and external trigger
  • Sensor Processing Resource Center




Form Factor
FPDP/FPDP II Receiver & Transmitter
8 MB


  • DRV-500-WIN, DRV-500-VXW and DRV-500-LX - Software device drivers for Windows, VxWorks and Linux operating systems
  • LIB-500-ML - MatLab Application Library
  • CN-FPDP - FPDP Connector
  • TECHNO-5012-F - PMC to PCI Carrier

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