High-speed acoustic ADC card in a 3U CompactPCI format intended for space, weight and power sensitive high frequency sonar applications. Signal conditioning with 16-bit oversampling ADCs & buffer memory, together with a 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI interface.


This product entered a Restricted Production Phase (RPP) on January 18, 2010

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The ICS-1745 is a high-speed acoustic ADC module in the 3U cPCI form factor. Derived from the popular ICS-645D, the ICS-1745 is intended for space, weight, and power sensitive high frequency sonar applications. Remote mine hunting systems based on unmanned or autonomous underwater vehicles (UUVs/AUVs) are a prime example.

The eight analog input channels are sampled at up to 5 MHz with 16-bit resolution. Each channel includes signal conditioning circuitry consisting of programmable gain control (four ranges) and a fixed frequency anti-alias filter. The filters on the standard version of the product have cut-off frequencies of 1.25 MHz; as an option, the frequencies can be changed. Multiple cards can be easily combined to provide synchronous sampling across larger numbers of channels. All control and data I/O is accomplished using the PCI 2.2 interface (64-bit, 66 MHz) which supports universal signaling (5V/3.3V). The PCI Bus master interface on the board provides chained (scatter-gather) and non-chain mode burst transfers. The ICS-1745 provides 16 MBytes of synchronous SRAM buffer memory.



  • Four input voltage ranges: 20 Vpp, 2 Vpp, 0.2 Vpp, 0.02 Vpp differential
  • Onboard signal conditioning with programmable gain
  • 3U CompactPCI format
  • 8 channels (Analog Devices AD9260): 16-bits @ 2.5 MSPS
  • 8 MSample onboard memory in two banks
  • Software drivers available for Windows, Linux
  • Sensor Processing Resource Center




Form Factor
Analog Input
Max. Sampling/Conversion Frequency
5 MHz/ch.
16 MB

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