The ICS-1580 baseband processor is an FPGA based PMC card, centered around the Xilinx Virtex-II Pro and its on-chip IBM 400 MHz PowerPC processors.


This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on January 18, 2012

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The ICS-1580 baseband processor is an FPGA based PMC card, centered around the Xilinx Virtex-II Pro and its on-chip IBM 400 MHz PowerPC processors. This powerful and flexible FPGA has been surrounded with resources to support the most demanding embedded processing applications. Onboard memory includes four banks of SDRAM, four banks of high-speed QDRII SRAM, and two 128 Mbit flash memory. Although pure processing horsepower is desirable, the ability to move data into and out of a processing engine is equally important, if not more so. Because of this, the ICS-1580 includes as many high bandwidth I/O routes as possible. Legacy systems can rely on the 64/66 PCI interface, built around the Tundra PowerSpan II PCI bridge, and 64 lines of user I/O allow LVTTL or LVDS connections through the Pn4 connector. More modern applications can make use of the ICS-1580's high-speed serial switched fabric capabilities, using the two HSDDC's provided on the front panel. These support two lanes oeach of high-speed serial I/O, operating at up to 3.125 GB/sec. Connecting all four lanes can provide up to 12.5 GB/sec of I/O bandwidth. Despite the abundance of peripheral resources, a substantial portion of the Virtex-II Pro has been reserved for end-user applications. Abaco Systems provides a complete HDK/EDK for Xilinx ISE Foundation development environment, enabling system designers to efficiently develop new FPGA applications straight out of the box. A pre-installed Linux Kernel and driver are included as standard equipment, but Windows and VxWorks drivers are also available, allowing the iCS-1580 to easily interface to other environments.

The ICS-1580 is an excellent back-end processing complement to the wide range of data acquisition and conversion modules available from Abaco Systems. System architects will find the product line now includes all the components and tools necessary to create complete embedded processing systems.

  • High-speed serial switched fabric I/O
  • 32 MBytes Flash memory
  • 16 MBytes QDRII SRAM
  • 64 MBytes of SDRAM
  • Linux kernal pre-installed
  • Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGA with two on-chip PowerPC processors
  • Windows, Linux and VxWorks software device drivers
  • Extensive application and technical support available


Form Factor
FPGA Baseband Processor
64/16 MB
User Programmable FPGA
Virtex-II Pro XC2VP70 or XC2VP100
Commercial (benign)


  • DRV-1580-WIN, DRV-1580-LX, DRV-1580-VXW - Software device drivers for Windows, Linux and VxWorks operating systems
  • HDK-1580 - Hardware Development Kit
  • TECHNO-5012-F - PMC to PCI Carrier

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