HUB-5595 Managed Hub

2Gb/s Reflective Memory Hub with DIN rail mount enclosure


The HUB-5595 is a managed hub designed to operate with the Abaco Systems 5565 family of Reflective Memory real-time network products. The Reflective Memory hub can automatically bypass ports when it detects a loss of signal or the loss of valid synchronization patterns, allowing the other nodes in the network to remain operational.

Since the optical ports are implemented with small form factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers, only the required ports need to be populated.  The  hub’s SFP transceivers can be a combination of either multimode (short distance) or single-mode (long distance) transceivers. This feature permits a cost saving in small networks as well as system optimization. For larger networks, several hub assemblies can be cascaded, permitting a managed hub array with up to 256 nodes. Each port regenerates the serial optical signal, eliminating the problems with insertion losses and cable attenuation. Signal regeneration also reduces jitter. The RS232 port gives you the ability to monitor and control your Reflective Memory network through a simple PC serial port. The Ethernet port feature allows you to monitor and control the hub from great distances through a local area network (LAN) or via a Web browser.

The HUB-5595 has a DIN rail mountable enclosure.  It operates on DC power, from 21VDC to 32VDC, to permit use in many industrial environments.



  • For use with Abaco Systems 5565 Reflective Memory network of product
  • Provides eight ports using small form factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver
  • Hub assemblies can be cascaded with a maximum of 256 node
  • Automatically bypasses defective or disconnected nodes in a fiber-optic network
  • Automatic bypass can be optionally controlled by the loss of signal or by the loss of sync pattern
  • Each port regenerates the serial optical signal, eliminating link losses and reducing jitter
  • 10BaseT Ethernet TCP/IP port for remote access and control
  • RS232 port for local access and control
  • DIN rail mount enclosure uses 21 to 32 VDC power supply
  • Dark on Dark option turns off the port’s transmitter if the receiver does not detect a signal (available for firmware versions 02.00 and later)




Form Factor
Din Rail
Managed Hub
Bit Rate (Gb/s)
Operating System (OS) Support
Options/ Notes
DIN Rail mount enclosure; Operates on DC power for 21VDC to 32VDC
8x SFP
Memory Capacity

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