High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC)


We help you take your lab-developed performance-intensive application and, using our experience and advanced software tools, optimize it for real world deployment in constrained spaces and the harshest environments.

AXIS Software

AXIS enables simpler and faster development of sophisticated, high performance applications, helping you reduce risk and cost and minimize time-to-deployment.

Product Name Description
AXIS DataView Toolkit

Facilitates fast development of GUIs

AXIS EventView

Detailed, Visual Performance Analysis


Industry standard API provides compatibility, interoperability

AXIS Pro Multiprocessor Application Development Environment

AXIS Pro is a suite of tools and libraries to aid in the development of HPEC applications helping developers greatly improve application efficiency but also reduce development time.

AXIS: Advanced Integrated Software Development Tools  
AXISLib DSP and Math Libraries

High performance libraries to aid the development of SWaP-constrained mission computing platforms.

AXISLib-AVX 2.5 DSP and Math Libraries

Providing support for the latest 5th generation Intel Core i7 processors featuring the Xeon-D architecture.


A family of high performance DSP and math libraries that deliver world class performance for Freescale e600 and e6500 AltiVec single-core and multi-core platforms.

Board Support

Highly flexible and configurable to deliver the optimum balance of coverage vs. boot time, our in-house expertise enables us to provide program-specific functionality.

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DSP & Multiprocessing

Combining open systems architectures with leading commercial and GPGPU processors delivers the performance, scalability and interoperability your most demanding applications need.

Product Name Form Factor Memory Mezzanine AXIS Support Ruggedization Other
DSP282 / DSP282A Dual Quad Core Multiprocessor VPX 6U 32 GB None Yes Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled Fabric: 10/40GigE
IPN251 Intel/NVIDIA Multiprocessor VPX 6U 2048/256 MB, 4 GB, Up to 16 GB None Yes Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled 10GigE/InfiniBand
IPN252 6U OpenVPX GPGPU Multiprocessor VPX 6U 1x XMC Yes Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled Intel+NVIDIA technologies
NETernity SWE540 VPX 6U Yes Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled
SBC627 6U OpenVPX SBC VPX 6U 2x PMC/XMC Yes Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled Optional Security Hub FPGA
Product Name Description
DSP220 Multiprocessor

High performance, VXS switched fabric-enabled, PowerPC-based multi-core processor for VXS applications.

DSP230 Multiprocessor

The DSP230 8640D 6U VPX multiprocessor supports concurrent, any node to any node, data movement over PCIe and Serial RapidIO and Gigabit Ethernet via onboard switched fabric

DSP280 Multiprocessor

DSP280 provides more sensor data at higher resolutions in shorter time, delivering better information and providing activity-based intelligence. 

G4ADSP Multiprocessor

Supports customer programs that need to maintain current PowerPC multiprocessor platforms based on first generation Freescale 74xx processors.

G4DSP-XD3 Multiprocessor

G4DSP-XD3 incorporates four MPC7447A/7448 compute nodes to provide the large processing performance needed for rugged mil/aero applications.

IPN250 Multiprocessor

The IPN250 enables video and image processing applications to run in rugged environments with GPU and CPU technology.

NEXUS Forte NEXUS Forte Multiprocessor PowerPC solution provides a consistent hardware and software platform for use from benign lab applications to extreme rugged deployment environments.
NEXUS I NEXUS I provides a dual CPU VME multiprocessor using Freescale MPC7447A CPU's at 1.0 GHz or MPC7448 CPU's at up to 1.4 GHz.
NEXUS Quattro The NEXUS Quattro is a quad CPU distributed (asymmetric) memory multiprocessor featuring Freescale 7447A CPU's at 1.1 GHz or 7448 CPU's running at up to 1.4 GHz & the latest Marvell Discovery III bridge.
NPN240 Multiprocessor

Dual NVIDIA® CUDA™-enabled processors for creating rugged computers with potential performance in the thousands of gigaFLOPS.

TS-104-3001 TS-104-3001 - TS-Series architecture integrated with our Wave FPGA Tool Kit software and the Altera Software development environment provide a platform for easy application development.
TS-CPCI-8001 The TS-6U cPCI A80 is an advanced, CompactPCI-based FPGA processor solution targeted at military & commercial high performance computing applications.
TS-FX-2501 TS-FX-2501 - The TS-Series platform is designed in conjunction with the expansion module.
TS-FX-4001 The TS-Series of FPGA expansion modules expand the power of TS-PCI processor.
TS-FX2 TS-FX2 FPGA Expansion Modules, combined with the TS-Series of host boards, delivers power and flexibility to applications.
TS-PCI A40 TS-PCI A40 highest performance PCI based FPGA processor for COTS and OEM applications.
TS-PCI-2501 TS-PCI A25 FPGA computing platform provides today's highest throughput DSP performance available on standard PCs.
TS-PMC-4001 The TS-PMC A40 is an FPGA processor solution targeted at high performance military and commercial computing applications.
VQG4 PowerPC VME With a proven list of deployed signal processing applications, PMC support and optional configurations, the VQG4 addresses VME signal, image and real-time processing needs while remaining compliant with legacy VME installations, in power, cooling and inte
XMCV5 XMCV5 rugged XMC Virtex-5 processor with QDR2 & DDR2 memory with Virtex-5 FXT with build options for SXT and LXT for demanding defense and aerospace applications.

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