6U CompactPCI extension board for the CE7 an


This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on January 1, 2004

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The 6U board ET7 is designed as a PCI extension for the single board computers CT7 or CE7. It meets the needs of embedded application developers for more PCI backplane slots and PMC extensions like telecommunication (high bandwith, broadband data or intelligent networking switching), test & measurement, industrial automation, medical, scientific and imaging. It contains two PCI bridges. One bridge drives two PMC slots, the other supports a second CompactPCI backplane besides the primary bus on the CT7 or CE7. This design allows up to 14 CPCI slots without the impact of performance loss of chained PCI bridges. Combined with a custom specific assembly service provides optimized price/performance for all kind of OEM applications.

  • Optimized price/performance for all kind of OEM applications
  • Expands the number of CompactPCI slots in a system to 14
  • Two 64-bit PMC slots
  • PMC slots with full front and rear I/O capability


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