CRS 48.5 COTS Rugged System

High Performance Embedded Computing VITA 48.5 prevalidated system

CRS 48.5 COTS Rugged System


Abaco Systems brings supercomputing performance to harsh environments

The CRS 48.5 is a complete, integrated, pre-tested, ready-to-run HPEC rugged subsystem enabling faster development/deployment at lower cost and risk using the most advanced VITA 48.5 compliant air-flowthrough cooling to allow the integration of up to eight quad core Intel® Core™ i7 processing nodes. This makes it capable of satisfying the most rugged embedded computing requirements such as ISR and electronic warfare in the harshest, most challenging environments. A broad range of highly flexible configurations is available.

CRS 48.5 uses advanced cooling technology to bring data center performance to the battlefield

The CRS 48.5 HPEC rugged subsystem is among the first commercially available solutions with advanced air-flowthrough cooling (can handle up to 1200 Watts) as specified by the VITA standard. This technology overcomes the thermal challenges inherent in very high performance embedded computing subsystems, and means that military and aerospace organizations can deploy more computing capability into harsher environments than ever before.

Supported by AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software

As with the entire range of Abaco Systems’ HPEC solutions, the CRS 48.5 is supported by the AXISPro advanced multiprocessor application development environment designed to enable rapid application development, multi-core optimization and scalability across a range of processor architectures.


Form Factor
OpenVPX 6U
Intel Quad Core i7
Audio, DVI, Ethernet, GPIO, RS232/422, USB
Air-Flow Through-Cooled
Operating System (OS) Support
Operating Temp
-40˚C to +55˚C
Weight lb (kg)
61 lbs (28 kg)


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