Dual port 10/100 full duplex 3U CompactPCI card (PMC on carrier) for AFDX / ARINC 664support


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The CNIC platform is a high performance, PMC module for the AFDX / ARINC 664 protocol. With two independent ports for traffic monitoring, traffic generation, external triggering and analysis, the CNIC provides high-resolution time-tagging of incoming packets simultaneously with highly accurate traffic generation. An IRIG-B receiver/generator is included for synchronization to an external IRIG-B time source and for synchronization between multiple CNIC boards. Abaco Systems' exclusive pipeline architecture avoids the local bottlenecks of CPU-based interface solutions, and significantly outperforms standard NIC cards. The interface can be easily configured as either one dual-redundant AFDX / ARINC 664 port, or two high performance, independent ports. Simultaneous, real time traffic generation on both ports is highly accurate. Input and output triggers are provided, errors are detected or can be injected, while extensive link and protocol-level statistics are available for analysis. Programs have complete access to all frame and header data, can easily wrap data and perform extensive BIT testing. Each incoming packet is tagged with a 20 nsec resolution, 64-bit time-tag.

Last Time Buy:  March 31, 2014

Last Time Ship:  September 31, 2014

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  • Available in PMC, PCI and cPCI formats
  • Two independent 10/100 MHz full duplex ports
  • SDK includes high-level AFDX API, low-level (raw frame-based) CPCAP API, and .NET integration libraries at no additional charge




Form Factor
Lab, Simulation, Test
# ARINC Channels
Options/ Notes
IRIG Support.BusTools/AFDX analyzer available.
AFDX Stack
AFDX / ARINC 664 protocol stack
Convection Cooled

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