BTP-ARINC Turnkey Analyzer

Portable ARINC data bus anaylzer

RoHS Compliant

RoHS Compliant

BTP-ARINC Analyzer


Hassle-free hosting

This complete turnkey analyzer includes an ARINC avionics interface card; a semi-rugged portable computer host; and cables for immediate use with no user hassles around interrupts, driver conflicts, and other integration issues.

Fast, flexible, seamless

Quickly configure Abaco Systems’ ExpressCard hardware. Create and transmit messages, display real-time data, chart variables, log all traffic to disk and replay logged data. Streamline data entry and simplify traffic analysis. Easily create / import / export custom equipment ID / label databases. Use custom label

with one or more BCD, BNR, discrete or bit-encoded fields. New context-sensitive translation provides even more flexibility when these standard and customized data field names, units and conversion factors are used for analysis and data entry.


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