VME to VME repeater with one 6U/9U holder


This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on September 29, 2006

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The 420-50 is a high-performance repeater for VMEbus systems. The repeater extends a VME backplane from one chassis to a second VMEbus chassis. Both chassis operate as though they were one unit, controlled by the system controller in the primary chassis. The primary chassis can operate as a stand-alone system; it does not require the secondary chassis. The secondary chassis does not have a system controller; consequently, it cannot operate without the primary chassis. The repeater includes an optional software controlled enable/disable function. A write to the repeater I/O register switches the repeater on or off. The enable/disable feature can be disabled by a jumper so that the repeater does not use any I/O addresses and its operation is transparent to the VME systems.

  • Supports VME64 and VME32
  • Enable/disable function under program control
  • Bus masters and slaves can reside in either the primary or secondary chassis
  • Includes one 6U size VME card and one 6U VME card installed in a 6U/9U holder


Slave Mode DMA (MB/s)
Cable Interface
Copper to 25ft
Cards Included
2 VME64
Controller Mode DMA (MB/s)


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