Using BusTools/1553-API, how do I use multiple condition blocks to decide which messages to send based on the vector word sent by the RT?

This example program demonstrates the use of MULTIPLE CONDITIONAL messages.

This program implements a BC that first sends 1-T-0-16 (transmit vector word mode code). CONDITION and CONDITION3 blocks are used to determine what happens next. If the vector word from the RT is equal to 0x1000, the BC sends 1-T-4-16. If the vector word is equal to 0x2000, the BC sends 1-T-4-11 and 2-R-11-6. If the vector word is anything else, no other messages are sent. The last message sent in the frame is always 1-T-0-1 (sync). The process repeats until the user stops the BC.

In order to test this, you need a bus analyzer (BusTools/1553) simulating RTs 1 and 2. Change the VECTOR WORD for RT1 to test the BC conditions, verify messages with bus monitor.

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