Serial Console Cable for RAMix Ethernet Switch


In order to initially configure a GE Fanuc (RAMix) Ethernet Switch, the operator must access the system console through the RS-232 serial console port.  In order to do this, the operator must have the following

1.  A "dumb" alphanumeric terminal such as a DEC VT-100, or a suitable emulation program such as HyperTerminal or Minicom.  The terminal must be set for 9600bps, eight bit, no parity, one stop bit, and no flow control.   

         9600 8-n-1 no flow

2.  RS-232 cable, detailed below.

The RS-232 cable requires a DB9 connector on the terminal end and a RJ45 connector on switch end.  The cable only uses three wires, so if desired a RJ11 connector can be used in place of the RJ45 connector.

The cable's pin-out is

Receive Data (RD)          DB9-2   to   RJ45-5  (or RJ11-3)  

Transmit Data (TD)         DB9-3   to   RJ45-4  (or RJ11-2)

Signal Ground (SGND)      DB9-5   to   RJ45-3  (or RJ11-1)

Typically, most terminal emulators are PC-based and will require a female DB9 connector on the cable.  Verify the specific installation to be certain.