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performance and also reduces power consumption per unit of performance. Of equal or greater importance, however, was the promise that these new processors for embedded computing applications would carry seven-year lifetime availability—a compelling feature for many embedded applications with extended lifecycles.

Another important aspect of the Intel announcement is that three versions of the Core i7 will be available, with power consumption (TDP) of 35, 25 and 17 watts, operating at clock speeds of 2.53, 2.0 and 1.06 GHz respectively. This means users of the GE Intelligent Platforms 6U CompactPCI® CT12 single board computer will have the ability to choose the performance/watt ratio most appropriate for their applications.

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Intel® recently announced twelve new processors in its Core® i3, Core® i5 and Core® i7 families targeted specifically at embedded applications, and on the day Intel made its announcement, approximately 200 embedded computing devices based on the new processors were reportedly ready for launch, including our own CT12 single board computer.

In part, this level of adoption was based on the advanced 32-nanometer fabrication process, which delivers higher

 xTCA Platforms
PCI Express
PCI Express as an xTCA Fabric
It is natural to think of PCI Express® primarily as a processor-to-I/O interconnect, but PCI Express is far more than that. It is a full-featured, serial-switched fabric which can hold its own against its natural rivals. It is the native interconnect between system components in PCs, and has low latency and high net data throughput, even taking into account overhead.
 AdvancedTCA Blades
New “Westmere” Processors for ATCA-Based Applications
The A10200 is our Intel Xeon®-based ATCA processor board, which hosts either one or two Intel Xeon processors. The A10200 board, which was introduced with the 5500 Series processors with 4 cores per processor, is now being made available with 5600 Series processors with 6 cores per processor.
 xTCA Reference Materials
MicroTCA Conference Recap
Video Presentations Now Available
Thanks to our friends at ICC Media, we are now able to give you access to Flash video recordings of several presentations made by our GE engineers at the fall MicroTCA conference in Munich. The voice recordings convey a greater level of information and insight than was available in the PPT slides we posted earlier.
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PCI Express-based MicroTCA White PaperWHITE PAPER

PCI Express-based MicroTCA Design Options

PCI Express®-based MicroTCA™ platforms are generating more and more interest. This paper describes how small and cost-effective MicroTCA platforms can be built utilizing PCI Express. Furthermore, architecture options for multiprocessor implementations are described, including both standalone systems and clusters.

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spacer Core i7 White PaperWHITE PAPER

The Significance of Intel's Core i7 to Embedded Computing

The new processors Intel® recently announced in its Core® i3, Core® i5 and Core® i7 families included 12 targeted at embedded applications. These new embedded processors have 7-year lifetime availability, which is a key feature for many embedded applications. This paper delves into their many other important features, including ECC memory, performance/watt and the integrated GPU.

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