How can I use IP-AVIONICS API to echo ARINC 708 data frames, log data to disk, and playback data from the log?

This program has three primary uses:

1. Echo ARINC-708 data frames.
In this mode, the program immediately transmits any incoming ARINC-708 data frame.

2. Data Acquisition.
In this mode, received ARINC-708 data is recorded to file. This mode can be set to record only command words received (use /LOG_CMD). By default, data is recorded in binary mode which can later be used for playback. Or, data can be recorded in TEXT mode which explicitly separates data frames and shows control words as hex values in an ASCII format (use /TEXT).

3. Data Playback.
In this mode, data is read from a binary file and transmitted as ARINC-708 frames. By default, a file named ip708eko.dat is used as the data file. To select a different file, use the /FILE command line option. Use the /PLAYBACK command line switch to initiate data playback.

Functions 1 and 2 above can be used together, logging all received data to disk and transmitting the data received at the same time. Function 3 is exclusive.

The default operation of this program is to echo all data received and record it to a binary file. The default IP slot is slot A.

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