How can I manually remove a Condor product from my Windows NT system?

These instructions are to be used ONLY if removing a device from the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel fails for some reason. These instructions are permanent and in general irreparable once completed.

  1. Delete the software:

    Software is normally installed in C:\Program Files\ Condor Engineering\Delete all files found here. To delete the entries made on the START\Programs menu, click START>Settings>TASKBAR, select the START MENU PROGRAMS tab and click remove. Select the folder corresponding to the Condor product you are removing.

    Shared libraries are now installed in the Windows\System directory. These files have reference counts maintained to them in the registry (details about removing/changing reference counts follow) and should only be deleted if all programs using that file are no longer on the system. These files are typically program DLLs, some of which include:

      Busapi32.DLL //BusTools/1553-API family of products 
      Cei200.DLL //CEI-SW CEI-100, CEI-200 family of products 
      Cei22032.DLL //CEI220/420 family of products. 
  2. If no more programs are using the WinRT Device Driver it can be deleted. The file is shared and has reference counts maintained to it in the registry. The file is in the Winnt\System32\Drivers\ directory and is named WINRT.SYS.

    CLEANING THE REGISTRY: Note, actions made to the registry are permanent and should be made with caution. Before modifying your registry in any way we recommend saving a copy by selecting the root of the registry, [My Computer], and clicking Registry->Export Registry.

  3. Delete WinRT Devices from the registry.

    If all WinRT devices are being deleted, delete the key:

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\ Services\WinRT 

    and all of its subkeys. If you only wish to delete specific WinRT devices, delete that device below the WinRT key above. The same holds true for the following keys:

  4. Delete the Condor Device Maps:

    The primary Condor Device table exists at:

      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Condor Engineering\ Device Table] 

    Delete any devices in the table whose corresponding WinRT device was deleted above. The Product Specific device map is maintained within the Condor Engineering key. Delete the entire contents of whichever products are being cleaned from the system, for instance, if deleting a CEI-220 installation the following key would be deleted:

      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Condor Engineering\ CEI-220-SW] 
  5. Delete/modify reference counts to shared files

    Reference counts to shared files are maintained in the following key:


    If the corresponding file has been removed, delete the reference to it. If one product using that file has been removed but others exist, decrement the reference count. An example of a referenced file is the CEI22032.DLL referenced as:


    or one of the device drivers, for instance device 0 referenced as:

  6. Delete old references in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel.

    The Add/Remove Programs Control panel maintains its database through the following registry key:


    To delete a board or product reference, simply delete its name with in this key. For instance, to delete CEI-220 Board 0 manually, delete the key:

         Condor Engineering CEI-220 Board0 
         and all of its subkeys.