Abaco Systems Announces Significant Upgrades for OpenWare Network Management Software

OpenWare Network Management Software

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.— September 29, 2020 Abaco Systems announces a new version of the industry’s most flexible network management software: OpenWare V6.4. The updates in version 6.4 provide a wealth of new features including key innovations allowing for a fully flexible SFP pluggable transceiver configuration support for the GBX25 6U VME managed Ethernet switch. It will also offer NAND-less booting capabilities for the GBX25, SWE440A, SWE540A allowing greater security and faster startup times.  Our innovative approach with OpenWare 6.4 delivers vital upgrades in both flexibility and security across our full range of NETernity™ layer 2/3 Ethernet switches to help our customers succeed.

Abaco delivers an approach that provides the customer with as much control over configuration of the GBX25 as possible, providing for easy swaps between basebands or quantities so they are smooth and efficient by removing fixed configurations unless required. OpenWare V6.4 is more secure, capable and faster than ever – three hallmarks of market leading switch management software.

Our wide range of commercial off the shelf (COTS) products benefit from OpenWare V6.4 which makes it easier to move between form factors (e.g. 3U, 6U, COTS system) without having to relearn how the switch works. Abaco helps our customers succeed by making it quicker and easier to deploy an OpenWare switch into any environment, system or platform. Customers will now have access to more advanced features to develop their systems and architecture, as well as improved performance and enhanced security by mitigation of the latest Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE’s).

OpenWare V6.4 brings flexibility, security and performance without compromising on usability. This release furthers our commitment to release a new version of OpenWare every six months. Version 6.4 comes as our newest release since March 2020. Our commitment to customer success is the reason we chose to improve the user experience. The enhancements in OpenWare V6.4 usability, with access to our advanced and most used features, provides the opportunity for additional cost savings in development time.

According to Peter Thompson, Vice President of Product Management at Abaco Systems, Inc., “We are committed to our customers success by listening to their needs, looking at the market, and seeing where technology is evolving to determine what goes into new OpenWare releases. The release of V6.4 is no exception as evidenced by the features and enhancements we have included over the previous release.”

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