Abaco Announces Production of SOSA Aligned SBC3511 3U VPX Single Board Computer, Upgrades Feature Set

SBC3511 3U VPX

HUNTSVILLE, AL - July 22, 2020  Abaco Systems today announced that its SOSA aligned rugged 3U VPX SBC3511 single board computer is now in production. This major advancement gives users variability by aligning with defense standards while improving lifecycle and supportability, lowers the total cost of ownership, and reduces risk.

“We’re delighted to announce this important milestone,” said Peter Thompson, Vice President, Product Management at Abaco Systems. “Many manufacturers are talking about SOSA alignment – but few, if any, are actually shipping product. We believe the many organizations committed to SOSA will very much welcome this news, as it allows them to move forward with real, deployable hardware.”

“The SBC3511 has attracted substantial interest since its announcement, because of its unique combination of capabilities,” Thompson continued. “The SBC3511’s alignment with the SOSA standard, its leading-edge performance, its innovative thermal management, and its monitoring/reporting functionality, unite to deliver a platform that is unmatched in the industry.”

The SBC3511 is based around the highly integrated Intel® Xeon® E-2276ME 6-core/12-thread processor ('Coffee Lake Refresh') which operates at 2.8 GHz with TurboBoost up to 4.5 GHz, and is supported by a Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA which acts as the boards security hub, capable of hosting Abaco, third party or customer IP.

The SBC3511 was originally announced with support for 32 GBytes of DDR4 RAM and 80 GBytes of NVMe SSD. This has now been extended to 64 GBytes of DDR4 RAM and 256 GBytes of NVMe SSD, providing increased platform performance and throughput. In addition, the SBC3511’s IPMI subsystem has been upgraded to allow operation from 3.3V AUX power only, further enhancing its alignment with the SOSA standard.

The SBC3511 can also be supported with one or more elements of the Abaco software suite, including PBIT for early monitoring and reporting; CIBIT for non-intrusive ongoing and on-demand monitoring and reporting; and Health Toolkit, which acts as a system monitor to collect and report the health of all elements in the system, thanks to the VITA46.11 tier 1 and tier 2 interface over IPMI. All are fully compatible with the most frequently deployed operating systems and applications for defense and industry.

As well as leading edge performance, the SBC3511 features a unique thermal management design which allows deterministic high performance even at the extended temperatures typical of deployment on space-constrained platforms in combat zones. This contrasts less efficient thermal management designs that see a processor’s performance throttled back at high temperatures.


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