GBX460 Hardware Reference Manual

A member of the Abaco Systems NETernity Ethernet switch family, the GBX460 is a 6U VPX fully managed layer 2/3+ 10 Gigabit Ethernet embedded Switch, offering hardware speed switching of L2 and L3 frames including IPv6 switching and routing. The GBX460 offers extensive management capabilities with twenty 10G and sixteen 1G ports routed to the VPX Switch Fabric ports. This configuration can optionally support up to four 10G Fiber connections on the front panel. Per the OpenVPX standard, the 10G connections support the data plane and the 1G connections support the control plane. The GBX460 is also available configured to support twenty-four 10G ports routed to the VPX Switch Fabric ports.Meeting the requirements of a wide range of applications in military systems, the GBX460 allows communications at high speed within a chassis or for external networks via its 10G ports. The GBX460’s high speed network capability is ideal for applications such as situational awareness, imaging and sensor data.


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