ATCA Makes the Most of Multicore Processors

Our recently published white paper describes how ATCA takes advantage of multicore processors to deliver very high compute density, reliability and redundancy. For example, in compute-intensive applications, where a large number of processors must communicate with high throughput and very low latency, ATCA delivers. It also offers computing density — an ATCA system with 14 dual Intel® 6-core "Westmere" processors yields 168 cores within a single ATCA chassis. Communication applications, which likewise demand high throughput and efficient packet processing, also benefit from parallel processing which is where multicore technology shines. An ATCA communication system composed of two Ethernet hubs, two multicore processor blades, and up to 12 dual 16-core OCTEON Plus packet processor blades provides 320 MIPS64 cores (OCTEON devices) and 24 Intel® Westmere devices in one chassis.

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