Lockheed Martin

Lightweight Airborne Multi-Purpose System (LAMPS)

We have been successfully delivering significant quantities of our Octegra Graphics and Image Processing Engine to the US Navy’s LAMPS helicopter upgrade program. Based on TI’s C80 processor and fitted with our VXCVI mezzanine Frame Grabber, the Octegra combines optimized libraries for image manipulation and analysis coupled to advanced graphics and imaging capabilities.

Octegra’s high-speed expansion bus, VXbus, allows the installation of application specific mezzanine modules for use in the areas of Image capture, Image Overlay, multiple Display Outputs and Rotated displays.

Overlaid images can include four inputs of composite, 32 bit, digital or analog video. Octegra provides a flexible and powerful solution for high performance graphics and image processing applications.

LAMPS is an extended rolling program designed to upgrade the Seahawk SH-60B helicopter and its variants; it will provide robust, multi-mission capability well into the 21st century. The integrated ship-air system performs a variety of missions, including both anti-surface and undersea warfare.

Similar developments have been applied to the SH-60R helicopter and these enhancements will bring multi-mission capabilities to all US naval-aviation-capable ships including carriers, cruisers, amphibious craft, destroyers and frigates.

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