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Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)


The MLRS is the US Army’s combat proven, high-mobility artillery system, deploying up to 12 surface-to-surface rockets in two six-rocket pods. The rockets may be fired simultaneously or individually, using an automated self-loading and aiming system. The computerized Fire Control System (FCS) integrates the vehicle and rocket launching operations.

We have a strong track record, lasting over two decades, for providing high performance, high reliability equipment to the FCS of the MLRS program. Our long association with the MLRS includes the development and supply of over 4000 Bubble Memory modules in early retrofit programs.

Lockheed Martin - prime contractor for the MLRS program – had been looking at COTS technology as a means to reduce cost and take advantage of the performance gains of new silicon. In 1999, Harris awarded us the contract to supply PowerPC and 1553 COTS technology. Following the successful upgrade of 55 MLRS units, a further contract was awarded for the upgrade of 500 of the 850 MLRS units in service with the US Army.

Our COTS products form an integral part of the major upgrade to the FCS. The improved system will allow the use of advanced mission software with enhanced capability to handle complex munitions. The upgraded computer also allows major video display enhancements, as well as the use of on-board GPS navigation and ultra-fast signal processing algorithms.

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