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Product Lifecycle Management

Technology obsolescence is inevitable. Recognizing that at the outset of a program is critical – as is planning for it. That’s where Abaco Systems’ Product Lifecycle Management program comes in. It offers you a flexible choice of strategies – proven over three decades – to mitigate the risk from components or products going end-of-life.

Whether it’s regular product ‘health checks’, ownership of configuration management, planned technology insertion or lifetime buy – we’ve done it for countless customers before.




Program Management

From the day you first engage with Abaco Systems, our Program Management team are there to ensure that everything about your program runs as smoothly as possible. Cross-functional, the program management team brings together Abaco Systems people from a wide range of disciplines to ensure you get what you need – when you need it.

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We cannot succeed unless our customers succeed. Program Management is one way in which we ensure that success.




Rugged Systems

We may not have invented rugged embedded computing – but we lead the industry developing and manufacturing open architecture products that will withstand the rigors of the harshest environment – Achieved by designing rugged reliablity from the outset.

Almost all our products are available in five rugged levels for maximum cost effectiveness. Our unique thermal management capabilities deliver to you a significant advantage in products that are optimized for size, weight and power.





No organization can tolerate compromised data – which means building security in to a system at every available level. With Abaco Systems, that starts with the single board computer itself – providing not only inherent security, but functionality that enables higher levels of security to be more easily deployed.

Tamper-resistance, secure boot, memory sanitization and Intel Trusted Execution Technology are just the starting points in developing systems that offer maximum protection against data misuse.




Open Standards

Our customers appreciate the true value of open standards – flexibility and interoperability leading to lower cost of ownership – and that’s why they’ve been central to our business from the beginning. We were among the pioneers behind the creation of OpenVPX, an architecture that has transformed what’s possible with embedded computing.

It’s not just system architectures. Wherever you look in our product range, you’ll find industry standard hardware and software – often, the technologies used in the world’s most capable data centers.




At Abaco, the lowest possible lifetime cost of ownership is designed into everything we do in three ways.


We provide the broadest possible range of options so that you pay only for what you need at the outset. Often, we’ll offer a choice of processor speeds so that you don’t buy more performance then you need. We’ll offer you the opportunity to decide how rugged you need your system to be – from benign office environment for development to systems designed for deployment in severe environment applications with high levels of shock and vibration, a small space envelope and restricted cooling. Again: you pay only for what you need.

Technology insertion

Abaco Systems has an unsurpassed reputation for designing compatibility and upgradability into our products. Successive generations of single board computers have been launched over many years – the PowerXtreme family, for example - that have enabled our customers to add performance and functionality to their platforms with maximum ease, minimum disruption and minimum cost. This design approach enables a multi-decade program to remain current in technology terms – while maximizing return on investment.

Long term support

Obsolescence in technology is inevitable – and the longer a program is deployed, the more likely it is that it will be impacted by products and components going EOL. Without appropriate planning, it can also be costly. At Abaco Systems, we have 30+ years of helping our customers mitigate the impact of obsolescence with our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) program. PLM – via a range of flexible, robust offerings such as health checks, design freezes and lifetime buys - is designed to minimize the cost of long term deployments.


We’re committed to ensuring that, when we say to you we’ll do something, we’ll do it – and we’ll do it when we say we will. To ensure that that happens time after time, we’ve put in place business processes that are robust, reliable and repeatable. We’ve taken important steps to create a business model that responds first and foremost to your needs – not ours.


It’s become universally acknowledged that businesses don’t deal with businesses – people deal with people. Of all the strengths we bring, we think foremost among them is the quality of our highly trained, highly skilled, highly motivated people. Because we trust them, we’ve empowered them – and expect them - to do and say what they believe is right for our customers.



Support and Services

Our business is built around delivering the best customer service and support you can get in the embedded computing industry. Whether it’s our Centers of Excellence to help you develop demanding applications, our Program Management to ensure we’re with you all the way or our Product Lifecycle Management service to ensure maximum return on your investment – you can count on us.




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