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Michael Both

As a software architect, Michael’s career has focused on innovations in visualization and communication software. At Abaco, he’s been responsible for the development of DataView, EventView, AXISFlow, and AXISView. As a hobby, he started developing software for Atari back in the 80s. When the iPhone came out, he created the official Rubik’s Cube app, which five years later was featured in an Apple TV commercial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajj2-KYQ0R0). And yes, he can solve it in under 30 seconds. Bernie refers to him as Rubik’s Mike.

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Deniz Bozaci

After graduating from the University of Trakya, Turkey with a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering, Deniz completed an additional diploma degree in aerospace engineering at the University of Applied Science, Munich. Deniz worked on a number of space projects as system engineer, becoming a key person for the European Space Agency at the German national surveillance organization of the Ariane 5 and VEGA-Europa Launcher with a focus on main and upper stage engines. Deniz joined Abaco in 2015 as regional sales manager, based in Munich and responsible for supporting Abaco customers throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Philippe Constanty

Philippe Constanty is sales director, Europe at Abaco Systems. Located near Paris, France, he has been with Abaco (and GE Intelligent Platforms) since 2001. Philippe has an extensive history in industrial and embedded computing with VMIC and, previously, Ecrin Systems. He studied at the University of Paris, obtaining a qualification in computer science.

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Chris Cummins

Chris is EVP and Chief Operating Officer at Abaco, having joined us in March 2018 from Colson Group, where he was Chief Operating Officer. Prior to this, he held a number of senior executive positions at a range of technology companies with global operations. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management and an MBA in Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management.

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Colin Davies

Colin Davies is Abaco’s Regional Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland. Having graduated from the University of Sussex with a BSc in Electronic Engineering, he joined Weston Simfire. In 1983, Colin joined Radstone Technology – one of the ancestor companies of Abaco – as Principal Engineer, subsequently becoming Product Manager and Business Development Manager before assuming his current role in 2012. 

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Rubin Dhillon

Rubin has spent over 20 years in the embedded computing world, in roles ranging from support to sales to product management and even garbage collector. He experienced the huge growth (and crash) of the telecom industry, and he's spent time dabbling in medical, industrial, transportation and military applications. Rubin figured he has so many stories to tell, he should get into marketing and so he is now our VP of Marketing. Connect with Rubin on LinkedIn and he'll explain the "garbage collector" story…

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David French

David is the Director of Business Development for aviation programs for Abaco Systems. He started out his career as a design and systems engineer for space platforms and launch vehicle avionics. Impatient with the sometimes slow pace of new development opportunity there, he directed his energy toward the broader embedded computing universe from telecommunications infrastructure to defense electronics. He still marvels at the challenge and discovery in applied science and technology.

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Peter Gardiner

Peter Gardiner is Abaco’s sales leader for avionics products in EMEA. Having graduated from the University of Bath with a BSc in Applied Physics in 1979, he joined Westland Helicopters before moving on to Smiths Industries. Peter spent four years as director of the smart structures research institute at the University of Strathclyde, subsequently taking sales leadership positions with SBS Technologies and Condor Engineering.   

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Dom Goring

Having served his apprenticeship with Plessey Microsystems (which became Radstone Technology, which became part of the embedded systems business of GE Intelligent Platforms, which is now Abaco Systems), Dom’s career has seen him assume positions of increasing engineering responsibility. He is now Production Manager for Abaco’s Towcester, England manufacturing site. Dom likes to keep fit—he’s run two marathons—and can occasionally be found swearing his way around the golf course. 

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Phillip Henson

Phillip Henson is product manager for Abaco’s Mission Ready Systems.  With a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Auburn University and currently undertaking an MBA from Vanderbilt University, his career has seen him with assignments at the DoD’s Missile Defense Agency and at Dynetics before joining Abaco in November 2016. 

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stuart.heptonstall@abaco.com's picture

Stuart Heptonstall

Stuart is Abaco’s Global Product Manager for graphics and related products, including the extensive work we are doing in AI and machine learning, based on NVIDIA’s technology. Located at our European HQ in Towcester, England, Stuart achieved a BEng in Communications Systems Engineering at Leeds Metropolitan University, and an MBA from Loughborough University. 

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Mark Hutnan

Mark joined Abaco as Vice President, Business Development in November 2017. Previously, he was Vice President and General Manager, US Federal Operations at Qualys, following five years with General Dynamics Mission Systems as Senior Manager, Business Development, Cyber Systems Division. Mark was a member of the US Marine Corps for 24 years following his graduation from North Carolina State University with a BS degree in Civil Engineering. 

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Mrinal Iyengar

Mrinal Iyengar is Abaco’s vice president, product management, with a brief to drive the creation of innovative, mission-ready systems that will minimize program risk, accelerate time to deployment and reduce long term cost of ownership. She joined Abaco last year from UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS), one of the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defense products, where she was director, advanced systems.

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Kirsten Kiley

Kirsten joined Abaco in May 2016 as a finance intern, but quickly realized that the place to be was with the marketing team. She’s now a marketing analyst, with a broad range of responsibilities that include our social media programs and our presence at tradeshows. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

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Richard Kirk

Richard graduated from the University of Manchester in 1984 with a BSc degree in Physics, and followed that in 1998 with an MBA from the Open Business School. In the interim, he’d joined Plessey Optoelectronics, part of one of the UK’s most venerable technology companies. He joined Radstone, located in Towcester, UK—subsequently acquired by GE—in 1999, and now has worldwide responsibility within Abaco's business as Director, Core Computing.

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Chris Lever

Chris is Vice President, Corporate Development. His role at Abaco is to identify what technologies, products and expertise we need – and then to find the best way of acquiring them. He was with GE from 2006, initially responsible for our sensor processing business and then our global sales team. Prior to this assignment, Chris was responsible for Abaco’s product management. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics from Western University, and an MBA at Dalhousie University.

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Ian McMurray

Ian McMurray started his 40-year career in the technology industry back when 4K wasn’t the latest TV resolution — it was as much memory as you needed to write a complete, integrated accounting system for a computer. He started life as a mainframe salesman but eventually succumbed to the lure of marketing, and has since held a variety of European and worldwide marketing management positions, as well as occasional forays into sales training and development. He’s now the PR guy for Abaco Systems, and is based in Towcester, England.

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Kevin Moran

Kevin joined Abaco Systems in January of 2017 as Business Development Director focused on the autonomous market. He has over 20 years of experience in intelligent and connected vehicles and systems, with an engineering degree from the University of Michigan. 

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John Muller

John joined us as our first Chief Growth Officer towards the end of 2017, with the charter of accelerating Abaco’s growth. He was previously VP of Sales at Advantech Corporation where he had a 13 year career.  He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Villanova University, and also holds a Global Leadership Certification qualification from Wharton School of Busines at the University of Pennsylvania.

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David Pepper

David is a senior product manager at Abaco. He joined what was then GE Fanuc in 1998 from VMIC, one of a number of companies GE acquired in building its embedded computing business. He graduated from Athens State University in 1980.

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