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Phillip Henson

Phillip Henson is Senior Product Manager responsible for Abaco’s DSP product line as well as legacy I/O products.  With a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Auburn University and an MBA from Vanderbilt University, his career has seen him with assignments at the DoD’s Missile Defense Agency and at Dynetics before joining Abaco in November 2016. 

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'Aggressive' isn't usually a good thing to be. But, when it comes to delivering what our customers need, that's exactly what they want us to be.


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We recently announced that innovative cooling means that our SBC347D 3U VPX single board computer can operate at maximum speed even at temperatures as high as 75°C. However, as Phillip Henson points out, it’s not only our board level customers who benefit.


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As a child I was a bit obstinate at times, and often resented the fact my parents would tell me how I was to do a task. I didn’t mind, let’s say, washing the car - but I wanted the flexibility to figure exactly how best to do that on my own. Historically, those of our customers looking to develop advanced systems for mission critical applications faced a flexibility compromise. They could take advantage of pre-built, pre-qualified systems from a...