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Nick Porter

Nick has been selling embedded computing solutions to military/aerospace customers for over 20 years. Initially working as a government research scientist and gaining a PhD in radar signal processing, Nick's move to the dark side was prompted by the promise of a company car. He soon discovered how fun it was to solve customers’ problems and to progress a scribbled whiteboard design into a real fielded program. He also likes cats.

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NVIDIA’s Amazing Event

Greetings from San Jose, and NVIDIA’s GTC 2018 conference. Following an interesting set-up day on Monday when, in the late afternoon, we discovered we had a boundary control issue (our booth had been installed in slightly the wrong place), Tuesday’s highlight was, as usual, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote address. At the start of the presentation, Jensen promised to show the assembled throng Amazing Graphics, Amazing Science, Amazing AI, and...


Abaco Systems booth GTC 2016

Leaving on a Jet Plane

It’s the last day for us at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) at the San Jose Convention Center. The trade show is over, the booth is in bits, and there are far too many boxes keeping me company in my hotel room. I’m off to UPS and FedEx in a few minutes and then there’s a seven hour drive back to San Diego with the demo equipment and monitors. Actually, knowing LA traffic on a Friday, that’s more likely to be a 12-hour drive, but we’ll...


GTC16 Day 3

Hooked on a Feeling

Here we are, Stuart Heptonstall, our product manager for graphics, and I, still at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) at the San Jose Convention Center. Last evening’s session went really well, and the two hours once again went by in a flash. Abaco is one of the few primarily mil/aero companies exhibiting at the show and we made sure to put some sufficiently tough looking systems at the corner of the booth to catch folks’ eye. There’s a...


GPU Technology Conference

California Dreamin'

It’s day two at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) at the San Jose Convention Center. There were no seismic event warnings this morning, which is surprising as I met someone at the NVIDIA networking event who was convinced that they basically cause earthquakes. As I’m someone who’s convinced that they make it rain whenever they visit Las Vegas, I could empathize. The hot topic today was the keynote address from Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA’s...


GPU Tech Conference

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

Here we are at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference—or GTC—at the San Jose Convention Center. We’re registered and badged, the necessary booth folks are there, and everything works so it’s been a good day so far. We’re off to an NVIDIA networking event in an hour so that our new GPU product manager (and likely blogger later in the week) Stuart Heptonstall can meet with some key NVIDIA folks for the first time. Abaco has been working with NVIDIA...