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Larry Schaffer

Larry Schaffer has been with us in a business development role since 2001, and works to create and maintain long-term, strategic relationships with key companies engaged in embedded computing for ground systems applications with a strong emphasis on image processing and distribution. He was born in Pennsylvania and educated as an Electrical Engineer in New Jersey and California (where he now lives). Just don’t ask him to tell you about being a war baby…

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Setting clockspeed

The pace of change is relentless - and accelerating. When it comes to deploying new products and technologies, time is - more than ever - of the essence if we're to deliver competitive advantage to our warfighters.


Lessons of the past – revisited…

In his previous post on the importance of standards, Larry got it slightly wrong... Here, he rectifies his mistake - but his fundamental point remains unchanged.


Lessons from the past

Adhering to standards to deliver interoperability is at the heart of modern computing. Here, Larry Schaffer describes the pioneering efforts of John "Iron-Mad" Wilkinson.


The State of Defense

Here, Larry Schaffer shares his thoughts about the nature of the defense industry, and the relationship between maintaining control over what is spent while at the same time delivering the best possible tools for our warfighters.


2018: the year it comes together

In the first of our posts looking forward over the coming 12 months, the beginning of the year finds Larry Schaffer in philosophical mood. In this blog post, he looks at one of the most exciting - yet challenging - developments in technology as the day of the truly autonomous vehicle draws ever closer.


Continuing Resolutions

Larry Schaffer discusses the impasse that regularly afflicts setting the US defense budget - but sees reasons to be hopeful.


Further Thoughts on Functional Design

In this follow-on post, Larry Schaffer muses further on the implications of functional design, drawing inspiration from engineer and mathematician Claude Shannon and acoustical physicist Manfred Schroeder.


Functional vs. Fictional Design

In an industry that seems to revolve around GigaFLOPS and MHz, it would be easy to believe that just leveraging the latest and greatest technology is what it takes. But, argues Larry Schaffer, there's more to optimum design than that.


IBM Personal Computer

A Computing Revolution?

Embedded computers in mil/aero have traditionally been point solutions. But high customization often slows time-to-deployment. Shouldn’t there be a way to get the best of both worlds?


Cyber Security

Abaco and the Bad Guys

Cyber security threats are an ever-growing concern, especially for military systems. But although hackers are growing more sophisticated, at Abaco we’re committed to staying two steps ahead.


AUSA Booth

AUSA Day Three: We “Get It,” It Seems

We wrapped up our final day at this year’s AUSA Global Force Symposium, and we’re ready to apply what we learned from discussions with Army leadership.


Abaco Booth at AUSA

AUSA Day Two: We’re Doing It Right

Throughout the second day of AUSA Global Force and at our evening reception, we heard from Army leadership about their biggest needs—and got some great feedback, too.


AUSA Day One

AUSA Day One: Meeting and Learning

We're at AUSA Global Force 2017 in our home base of Huntsville, and we've had a great first day sharing our latest developments with customers and Army leadership.


AUSA Global Force

AUSA Global Force: Army Leadership Descends on Our Home Town

We’ll be at AUSA Global Force in our home town of Huntsville, Alabama, March 13–15, and we're looking forward to showing how our latest networking and high performance computer gear can help the Army meet any threat out there.



Veterans: Giving Thanks—and More?

Whether you simply raise a glass or offer an unexpected act of kindness, find a way to thank our veterans this Thanksgiving.


AUSA 2016

AUSA: Being There

In this recap video from AUSA 2016, Larry Schaffer shares the importance of being mission-ready for today and innovating for the future.


AUSA 2016 Day 3

AUSA 2016 Day 3: It's Over

AUSA 2016 is over, but the connections, insights and inspiration we got from the show will keep shaping our business long after the final crate has been packed away.


AUSA Day 2

AUSA Day 2: Challenges Overcome

In the midst of meetings and demonstrations on day two of AUSA 2016, it was exciting to have customers tell us our booth was inviting and our message was clear. Just two of the many benefits of being prepared.


Abaco booth, AUSA 2016

AUSA Day 1: Hard Sellers, Card Collectors—and Booth Potatoes

Bluntly speaking, trade shows are about selling things—and when it comes to discussing our embedded solutions on the show floor, we're proud to break the mold and approach our visitors differently.


AUSA 2016

AUSA 2016: What a Setup!

We're all set up at AUSA 2016, and we're ready to show attendees what mission-ready really means. We hope you'll stop by our booth and see it for yourself!