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At the heart of radar systems is advanced digital signal processing – and that’s a real strength for Abaco Systems. It’s not just about our extensive range of hardware solutions, though: we understand that the real challenge lies in application development. That’s why we complement our range of DSP boards with the industry-leading AXIS – Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment to reduce risk, time and cost in development, debugging and testing.

You’ll find Abaco Systems radar solutions widely deployed in ship and airborne radar systems, fixed and mobile radio systems, and signals intelligence equipment.



From front-end data acquisition to back-end signal processing, we have a range of solutions that enable the rapid development of complex sonar systems. Our understanding of how to help you minimize signal-to-noise ratio – through silicon separation, power filtering, signal conditioning and especially phase matching – is unequaled, as is our expertise in digital/analog and analog/digital conversion.

Abaco Systems sonar solutions have been chosen by the industry’s leading prime contractors and are deployed on hundreds of vessels around the world.


Electronic Warfare

Few applications – if any – of rugged embedded computing are more demanding than Electronic Warfare. Mission success or failure can be determined by elapsed time measured in microseconds. It’s also an application that continues to evolve on a frequent basis. What’s needed are high performance, low SWaP solutions based on open systems – a field in which Abaco Systems is the leader.

Whether it’s Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) or Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) applications, you can trust Abaco Systems to reduce your program risk, cost and time-to-deployment.





Few companies have the heritage we have in avionics. We understand the complexities you face in developing, simulating, testing and maintaining advanced avionics platforms, and that understanding is reflected in the industry's most advanced avionics tools and interfaces in the widest range of form factors for both military and commercial applications.

Our expertise doesn’t just lie in off-the-shelf products, either. We have a long history of developing custom solutions for our customers’ unique needs.





At Abaco Systems, our business is all about delivering innovative embedded computing to customers – whether end users, OEMs or systems integrators - with a need for mission-critical systems in the harshest, most challenging environments. That might be exploration in oil, gas and coal – or energy generation. It might be mining. It might be transportation – marine, air, rail or heavy duty road vehicles. It might be industrial automation in heavy manufacturing.

Where our offering really compels, though, is where not only high performance and rugged reliability are required but also where size, weight and power availability are constraining factors.

Industrial companies can benefit from Abaco’s decades of experience in solving the toughest problems for the most demanding customers.




Support and Services

Our business is built around delivering the best customer service and support you can get in the embedded computing industry. Whether it’s our Centers of Excellence to help you develop demanding applications, our Program Management to ensure we’re with you all the way or our Product Lifecycle Management service to ensure maximum return on your investment – you can count on us.




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