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Current Products
Product Name Form Factor Processor User Programmable FPGA I/O Types Cooling
vpx430 SDR430 1U Development Kit, VPX 3U FPGA Air, Conduction
srs6000v2.jpg SRS6000 23” 5U Rackmount Dual Intel Xeon E Kintex Ultrascale Analog I/O Air
pcie490.jpg PCIe490 Development System PCI Express Kintex or Virtex Ultrascale Multi-channel A/D and D/A using FMCs Air
vpx370.jpg VPX370 3U VPX Development System VPX 3U Intel Quad Core i7 Kintex or Virtex Ultrascale, Kintex-7 Multi-channel A/D and D/A using FMCs Air
vp430-development-kit.jpg VP430 Development Kit
Discontinued Products
Product Name Description
CRS800 Compact Reconfigurable System The CRS800 is a standalone, small form factor family of systems designed to provide a processing…
VPX360 3U VPX Development System The VPX360 is a 3U VPX 6-slot system dedicated to high-speed signal processing and computing…
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FPGA DSP Board Support Package

Our FPGA DSP Board Support Package gives you complete control, flexibility and power to develop solutions for the most demanding DSP applications. It's built upon pre-validated IP blocks that have been designed to minimize FPGA resource utilization - giving you as much programmable logic for your application as possible.

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