Start Solid

From basics like boot firmware, built-in-test, and operating system support to CERT bootloaders and intrinsic security, Abaco gives developers the tools to maximize their hardware investment and develop applications on a solid foundation.

Abaco Embedded


Abaco HDK

The Hardware Development Kit is a powerful development tool that helps you harness available programmable logic resources within Abaco’s embedded FPGA platforms.

Hardware Development Kit


Mainstream / Server OS:

Abaco supports a variety of mainstream operating systems such as Windows and Linux, and we focus effort on development and release of long-term support (LTS) strategies. We primarily focus Linux support efforts on Fedora and RedHat.

Safety Critical OS:

For the safety critical product portfolio, Abaco provides a Boot Loader and Power-on BIT as well as the associated DO-178C artifacts. We leverage the close partnerships with RTOS vendors in order to provide support for BSPs and drivers, including VxWorks 653, VxWorks 7, Integrity-178 tuMP, Deos, and Lynx-178.

Real-Time OS:

Abaco supports a range of real-time OS and/or real-time extensions for VxWorks, LynxOS, Integrity, DEOS and others. We offer standard board support packages (BSPs) as well as Enhanced BSPs that also include interoperability with our MiddleWare products.