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If you’re paying for a 2.8GHz processor – why slow it down to 2.2GHz to prevent it failing?

When the going gets hot - the best keep going.

Electronic systems generate heat.

Powerful electronic systems generate more heat. That wouldn’t be a problem – if it wasn’t the case that excessive heat causes electronics systems to degrade and, eventually, fail.

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Making matters worse.

The situation is exacerbated when systems are deployed in tightly-confined spaces where air flow is at a premium – and cooling fans can’t be applied because they consume precious power, add weight, and, being mechanical, are a source of unreliability.

A better solution.

There are two solutions. One is to ‘throttle back’ the processor – make it run at less than its design speed so it generates less heat. The better solution is to apply advanced cooling technologies – like those from Abaco: Heat Pipes, Nano Thermal Interface, Thermal Ground Plane, Dual Cool Jets, and Thermal Management Technology Bridge.


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