MX05 COM Express Carrier

Type 6, COM Express® evaluation carrier in Mini-ITX form factor


Don't get left behind

Keep pace with the ever-increasing performance demands of today’s connected world by utilizing Abaco Systems’ MX05 carrier card to employ the latest computing technology without interruption. It is also an ideal platform to evaluate, benchmark or execute software development and tests for application software before the final base board is available.

Affordable upgradability, longer lifecycle

By separating the processor module from the I/O on the carrier board, Abaco Systems has made it easy to quickly upgrade to new technology. Thus ensuring you maintain your competitive edge while minimizing cost, diminishing disruption to underlying systems and enabling longer product lifecycles. Application modernization involves less risk and cost because existing I/O infrastructure is retained. This also reduces long-term total cost of ownership.


Form Factor
Audio, DisplayPort, Gigabit Ethernet, SATA, Serial, SSD, USB
Serial I/O
Temp Range
Gigabit Ethernet
Conformal Coating
Operating System (OS) Support
Linux, VxWorks, Windows
Operating Temp
0°C to +65°C
Single CPU


  • YLB-CR12-01 - Front I/O COM port cable appr. 200 mm. Harlink connector to serial connector
  • DMS59A - DMS-59 compliant Y-cable with two DVI connections for the RTM CTM20
  • CTM20A00A - 6U I/O RTM with USB 2/3, onboard SATA HDD connector
  • CTM20A0MA - 6U I/O RTM with USB 2/3, onboard SATA HDD connector and 250 GB HDD
  • CTM20A10A - 6U I/O RTM with USB 2/3, COM1, VGA, eSATA3, onboard SATA HDD connector
  • CTM20A20A - 6U I/O RTM with USB 2/3, COM1, VGA, eSATA2/3, onboard SATA HDD connector
  • EC12-BSP-VXW - VxWorks 6.8 Board Support Package
  • EC12-SDK-LIN - System Development Kit for Linux (Fedora 14, RHEL 5.46 & 6.0, Suse 11.4)
  • EC12-SDK-WIN - System Development Kit for Windows XP and Windows 7 

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