Application and System Visualization.

- Accelerate building, mapping, tuning distributed applications for heterogeneous systems.

- Visualize how the hardware and application resources are utilized in real-time.

- Customize application mapping, and interconnects used to optimize hardware equalization.

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A picture is worth a 1000 words

It's much easier to design and monitor embedded HPC systems and applications visually.

HardwareView: Monitor hardware

Run a lightweight agent on each compute node to get access to detailed information.

Visualize detailed hardware info:

  • Board/CPU/core.
  • Interconnect fabric.
  • Other components.

Visualize live real-time stats:

  • CPU/core usage.
  • Memory/cache usage.
  • Board/CPU temperature.

Hover the mouse over any component to see detailed information.

ApplicationView: Design thread level application dataflow

Easily create the framework for a multi-process multi-thread application using.
AXIS Flow for point to point and collective communication.

Visualize detailed hardware info:

  1. Define the process/thread based tasks.
  2. Define the communication connections between tasks.
  3. Map to the tasks to the system's hardware.
  4. Generate full framework source code (threads & processes) for the application, including interconnect connections for all communication paths, and even the Makefiles.

* Coming soon for AXIS Takyon


ConsoleView: Simplify management of multiple consoles

Create and manage multiple consoles in one GUI.
Simplify how commands are run across a computer cluster.

Create multi-process commands in the AXISRun command editor.

Run the commands, with a single click, in ConsoleView and see the output in the console windows.

You can also run commands directly in a single console window, or set filters to run commands in a subset of windows.


RuntimeView: Monitor application

Visualize your distributed AXIS Flow or MPI application in real-time.
Enables rapid identification of hardware utilization and application bottlenecks.

Shows how an AXIS Flow or AXIS MPI application is mapped to the system's hardware.

Live Real-Time Stats:

  1. CPU/Core/thread usage and rolling history.
  2. Memory/cache usage and rolling history.
  3. Board/CPU temperature and rolling history.
  4. Per-process and kernel stats and usage.
  5. Interconnect activity per communication path.

Hover the mouse over any component or communication path to see detailed information.

* Coming soon for AXIS Takyon

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