AXIS DataView Toolkit

Data Visualization and Control Toolkit.

- Add visualization and controls to your embedded application in minutes.

- No GUI experience needed.

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Add a GUI without perturbing the app design




Purpose and overhead

DataView is designed to visualize data within an application. It also enables a graphical control panel to be created for the application. These can be critical for debugging as well as providing adding important features to a deployable application.

DataView does not render graphics within the embedded application. Instead it uses a TCP/IP connection to collect the information that will be rendered in a remote process (either on the same machine or a remote machine).

It is not designed for ultimate performance, but is fast enough for many applications. If ultimate performance is what you need, then AXIS ImageFlex is the answer.

To Deploy or Not Deploy

A deployed, real-time application can be instrumented with DataView. If the GUI is not connected then there is no application overhead and timing is not affected. The GUI can be connected to the application at any time, but once connected will incur the overhead of data movement between the GUI and application.

This can be very useful if system diagnostics or tuning needs to be done in the field. The field engineer can connect the GUI to the application, do the necessary tuning and testing, then disconnect the GUI.

Once disconnected, the application will continue to run as normal.


Step 1: Build the GUI using simple XML

Step 2: Set the IP addresses and port numbers for each IO group

Step 3: Generate interoperation C code

Step 4: Instrument the generated source code into the app

Step 5: Run application and connect the GUI


Fine tuning

DataView is event driven, where background threads do the work of coordinating between the GUI and the application.

The application has full access to notifications when new data has arrived and when the GUI is ready to display more results. Timeouts can be set to avoid blocking on waiting for, or sending data.

Create impressive GUIs in about a day

Note: a single DataView project can have multiple GUI windows.

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