VMIVME-4911 Monitoring HST26A Resolver Output

To monitor an existing HST26A resolver and AstroSystems MBII encoder system using a VMIVME 4911 Synchro/Resolver to Digital board. Which 4911 option to use and how to connect the board into this system?

The VMIVME-4911-105 should work with your existing HST26A resolver and AstroSystems MBII encoder board. You would need to connect the Stator signals from the HST26A to the S1 thru S4 inputs of the 4911. The Rotor signals from the encoder board would connect to the reference inputs of the 4911. If you are connecting to four or less HST26A resolvers, a single 4911-105 board will be sufficient. If more than four channels are to be connected, additional 4911 boards would be needed. These could be either 4911-105 boards, or 4911-005 multiplexer only boards, if a P2 SRTbus backplane is used.

Access to field wiring is via front panel connector P3. This is a 25pin male D-Subminiture. A suitable mating cable connector is AMP 747322-2, Strain relief kit Type D.

For connection to discrete field wiring a suitable D-SUB to terminal block adapter would be the VMIACC-BT12-125 for male DSUB pins or -025 for female. These are available from GE-Fanuc.