June 2009 - Free 6WINDGate Demo Offer

Communications Insider: June 2009: Volume 4 Issue 2

Free 6WINDGate Demo Offer

We are pleased to announce that 6Wind is offering a free 30-day evaluation of their 6WINDGate™ software for our Cavium OCTEON™-based packet processors. When you sign an Evaluation License agreement with GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, you will be given access to the software in binary format.

The 6WINDGate software, coupled with our packet processor hardware, is ideal if you are getting started with packet processors, would like to evaluate packet processor performance, and are looking for an easy way to migrate Linux-based applications to packet processor hardware to gain maximum performance benefits.

6WINDGate software on our packet processors provides a scalable software architecture that makes the best use of network processor technology. This includes multi-core management, crypto libraries, Fast Path implementation and Linux® scalability. At the same time, it provides a complete set of network services including routing, virtual routing, IPsec, Layer 2 (GRE, VLAN), and QoS functions for multi-Gb/s applications.

The 6WINDGate software is a ready-to-use, scalable, modular and portable networking software solution optimized for multi-core processors. It is a complete, integrated solution built upon three layers: Fast Path modules, Optimized Linux stack and Control Plane modules. A standard API between layers hides multi-core complexity from application-level software; consequently, 6WINDGate is perfect for new product development or upgrades to existing products.

In a nutshell, 6WINDGate software is a Linux operating system on steroids. Uniquely, from the user’s perspective, it is a Linux operating system that supports many Ethernet and IP protocols. While under the hood, 6WINDGate takes advantage of all unique features that OCTEON hardware has to offer. Most of the cores run Cavium’s Simple Executive to speed up performance critical processing -- called Fast Path. 6WINDGate also takes advantage of hardware acceleration engines such as crypto modules.

6WINDGate software has been ported to Telum NPA-38xx, NPA-58xx, WANic 38xx and WANic 58xx families. Support for new packet processors is being added all the time, so please call for the latest supported hardware list. Additionally, 6WINDGate provides a unique XML-based management system that eases integration of third-party and customer specific software. Click here for an application brief.

How to Evaluate 6WINDGate Software at No Cost

To get your no-cost copy of 6WINDGate, all you need to do is sign the Evaluation Agreement and GE Fanuc will provide 6WINDGate binaries and instructions. You can load 6WINDGate software and get started in less than an hour.

The requirements to use the software for performance testing are:

  • OCTEON AMC or PCI-X module with RS-232 Serial Console Adapter and standard Serial cable
  • PC running any of suitable Operating Systems
  • Terminal Emulation Software. (To simplify setup, scripts are provided.)
  • TFTP server, running on PC.

Setup can be accomplished in five easy steps:

  1. Setup Ethernet port on OCTEON board using Serial Console
  2. Load two binaries from TFTP server
  3. Boot 6WINDGate software
  4. Configure running 6WINDGate software
  5. Perform Testing


  • Step-by-step instructions are provided.
  • Scripts that fully automate setup are also available

The following diagrams illustrate the setup.


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