How can I use BusTools/1553-API to setup Mapped Monitoring and BM interrupts?

This is a basic example program that sets up a simple Bus Monitor. This example also demonstrates how to monitor a specific RT/SA in order to display the latest data associated with this RT/SA on demand. This is commonly called a "mapped monitor" because monitoring is mapped to a specific RT/SA.

This example sets up a bus monitor and then uses interrupt events to indicate when specific messages have occurred. The event handler copies data from messages of interest into the data buffer.

Only RT1 SA2 TRANSMIT is "mapped". You can "map" as many RT/SA combinations as you want to data buffer arrays in your application.

The main program waits for keyboard input then displays the last data seen for the mapped RT/SA (RT1 SA2 TRANSMIT).

Use a bus analyzer (BusTools/1553) as BC and remote terminal simulating RT1 SA2 Transmit.

Download this example by clicking the link on the right.