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Helping you be first to market

Being early to market can give our customers a vital competitive edge – and our commitment is to our customers’ success.

That’s why we’ve been working closely with Texas Instruments during TI’s development of its ADC12DJ3200 ADC – so that we could enable our customers to leverage TI’s technology as soon as it became available.

The result? The FMC134 - our high bandwidth, high resolution, multi-channel FMC, featuring TI’s incredibly capable ADC - launched within two weeks of TI’s announcement.

That means that our customers can take advantage of a COTS board level solution faster, and begin integrating the latest ADC technology into their systems as soon as possible.



Direct RF Conversion FPGA Mezzanine Card

  • Based on Texas Instruments’ ADC12DJ3200 ADC.
  • Ideal for next generation high bandwidth, high channel count radar receivers.
  • Multi-mode operation capability: the FMC134 can operate as a 4-channel receiver at 3.2GSPS or a 2-channel receiver at 6.4GSPS.
  • First FMC+ card from Abaco and has up to 200Gbps digital bandwidth based on the popular JESD204B interface.
  • Built with expandability in mind. It supports FMC stacking, giving customers the ability to take advantage of unused signals for the possibility of up to 8 ADC channels at 3.2GSPS on a single FMC+ site.
  • Compatible with our PC821, VP868 and VP880 FPGA boards.


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