Taking legacy products into the future


In 2010, high-definition televisions were becoming quite prominent. With them came the high-definition media input, or HDMI cable, providing better audio and video quality. New technology makes it tempting to ignore the legacy technology and say “Out with the old, in with the new!” – but it’s not a great idea. The market needs time to adjust and convert from the legacy to the new, and manufacturers must build that bridge to allow that adjustment.

Building the bridge

In televisions, that meant creating HDMI ports and keeping the coaxial cable ports to appeal to customers wanting to continue to use their DVD players, gaming consoles, and even the few VCRs that were still around. Over the life of the TV, the coaxial cable ports would likely become vacant and the HDMI ports would fill up as the technology continued to transition. However, it was critical that the manufacturers create that bridge to allow consumers to transition at their own pace.

Maintaining the status quo

Here at Abaco, we are committed to supporting our customers as they take their own technology journey and use discretion when comparing the cost of big technological jumps to maintaining the status quo. This was true even ten years ago in 2010 when we released the PowerPact IMP3A Single Board Computer. Since then, we have improved upon it in countless ways in various new products - but we realize that some of our customers are still working their way across that bridge.

Stepping into the future

For those who need a new IMP3A, CM4R, or RL4R - but just a little better - we are pleased to introduce the IMP3B today, allowing you to preserve your existing platforms without the need for a redesign.

The IMP3B is the second QorIQ-based single board computer to join the PowerPact3 family of 3U CompactPCI processors. This product is designed for demanding applications where size-, weight-, and power constraints (SWaP) are critical to success. With a P2020 processor option, the IMP3B will deliver unparalleled performance in a single slot solution for commercial, industrial, defense and aerospace applications.

Check out the product page or reach out to us to learn more about how IMP3B can extend the life of your existing platforms.