Striving for Excellence: You Can Never Be Too Close to Customers

This is the third and final post in our three-part exploring GE’s decision to establish the Center of Excellence. If you missed the beginning of the series, catch up by reading Striving for Excellence: Focus Your Resources and Striving for Excellence: Ensure Synergy in the Manufacturing Process

Customer intimacy is widely recognized as being key to success - and proximity to many of our customers was one of the key reasons that we decided to locate our new systems Center of Excellence in Huntsville. It allows us to work side-by-side and face-to-face with those customers, helping us to develop precisely the solutions, systems and products they need.

The expansion allows for faster, more responsive product development and shorter lead times. We’re able to develop new technologies and innovate faster—delivering value not only for the needs of our customers, but for the needs of our customers’ customers.

Huntsville is a key location, serving the defense and aerospace industries as well as multiple industrial markets. In his third and final video blog in this series, Todd Stiefler describes how being close to customers and their customers makes Huntsville an ideal location for GE’s new Center of Excellence.

Note: This is the final post of a three-part series examining the Center of Excellence.

Todd Stiefler

Todd joined GE from the world of Washington politics, and in no time at all has moved on to his second assignment, which sees him managing business development for the services GE is increasingly looking to offer to customers, including the Proficy SmartSignal predictive analytics software.

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