Striving for Excellence: Ensure Synergy in the Manufacturing Process

This is the second post in our three-part series exploring GE’s decision to establish the Center for Excellence. If you missed the beginning of the series, catch up by reading Striving for Excellence: Focus Your Resources

A great product that can’t be easily manufactured is seldom a great product. GE’s new Center of Excellence is creating important synergies between design and production to provide the most advanced products, the quickest time to market, and the best customer service. The expansion allows for consolidation of operations into a single facility, housing the designers and developers of high performance, rugged integrated systems in the same building in which those systems are manufactured and built. Co-locating manufacturing and engineering allows the teams to work side-by-side, creating a dialogue that helps generate complete solutions rather than piece parts.

In his second video blog, Todd Stiefler discusses how the impacts of co-location help ensure that great products can be easily manufactured.

Todd Stiefler

Todd joined GE from the world of Washington politics, and in no time at all has moved on to his second assignment, which sees him managing business development for the services GE is increasingly looking to offer to customers, including the Proficy SmartSignal predictive analytics software.

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