Remembering who we serve

3 July 2019

For many Americans, there is no more important day in the year than Independence Day – the fourth of July. It’s something we’ve been celebrating for a little short of two and a half centuries. For many of us, memories of our childhood abound with memories of great days on the greatest of all holidays.

It’s a day for remembering and celebrating who we are and where we’ve come from. It’s a day for remembering and celebrating our country’s values – and its achievements. It’s a day for remembering why it is that we’re proud to be Americans.

It’s also a day for remembering those who serve and have served our country – who have often made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedoms that we hold so dear. It’s those men and women who drive our business to be the best it can be. We never forget who we serve.

My best wishes for a joyful – and memorable – day tomorrow.

Rich Sorelle

Rich Sorelle is president and CEO of Abaco Systems. Prior to joining Abaco, Rich Sorelle spent his entire career in the defense industry with extended spells at Grumman Corporation and most recently with Exelis, where he headed up the Electronic Systems division that specializes in technologies for the warfighter.