Mixed-Architecture Signal Processing Application Demo

24 April 2014

When it comes to quickly evaluating system performance, demonstration applications offer a great deal of flexibility—but you have to build them first. In a recent video demonstration, David Tetley presented how to use GE AXIS software and tools to develop a signal processing application that uses both CPUs and GPUs in a system.

The AXIS suite of multiprocessing productivity software offers robust libraries for signal processing and inter-processor communications along with graphical tools that facilitate system visualization and rapid prototyping. Demonstration applications such as the one shown in the video are available as part of the AXISPro package.

Here, AXISView tools are used to build the application and describe its tasks and dataflow. The tasks can then communicate via AXISFlow. AXISFlow provides a high performance interprocessor communication middleware that supports node-to-node data movement over multiple fabrics for both homogenious & hetergeneous processor architectures.

Watch the simple demo below to see how AXIS libraries and tools allow you to easily create applications that take advantage of heterogeneous processing architectures.

For more information on GE's solutions visit: A Comparison of AXISFlow and MPI Middleware