It's Our First Birthday!


Abaco was born just a year ago when we were spun out of GE, with a mission to innovate and deliver to enable our customers to succeed. What a year it’s been!

To support our mission, we’ve invested heavily throughout the year, adding over 150 people, increasing our numbers by over 25%, so that we can apply the resource it takes to reliably deliver value to our customers. We’ve also invested in our manufacturing capability to ensure that we can considerably reduce lead times while delivering even better quality. And we have broken ground on some exciting new facility expansions.

We’ve introduced more new products in the past year alone than we did in the previous two years, providing a regular flow of innovative solutions to the challenges our customers face: how to deploy more processing performance onto more constrained platforms in less time and at lower cost.

The past year has also seen a major expansion of our initiative to lead in Mission Ready Systems—complete, pre-integrated, “plug and play” systems designed to substantially reduce our customers’ cost and lead-time. Our recent acquisitions—of 4DSP and the MMS product line from Technobox—are in direct support of that initiative.

Our internal customer-facing metrics tell us that we’re doing better than we were a year ago—and customer feedback confirms this. However, we recognize that we have a lot more work to do and we’re committed to continuing improvement as we strive to be our customers’ partner of choice.

We’re not slowing down and we have some big plans for 2017! I truly am looking forward to building the next chapter for Abaco and supporting our customers success in the years to come.

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Rubin Dhillon

Rubin has spent over 20 years in the embedded computing world, in roles ranging from support to sales to product management and even garbage collector. He experienced the huge growth (and crash) of the telecom industry, and he's spent time dabbling in medical, industrial, transportation and military applications. Rubin figured he has so many stories to tell, he should get into marketing and so he is now our VP of Marketing. Connect with Rubin on LinkedIn and he'll explain the "garbage collector" story…

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