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Abaco Systems helps military and aerospace organizations minimize program risk and bring programs in on time and on budget. Our integrated, rugged systems solutions are based on a product range that includes single board computers, high performance embedded computing (HPEC), digital signal processing, GPGPU, image processing, sensor processing and avionics. We ally to those products our understanding of applications including ISR, EW, SIGINT, radar, sonar and 360 degree situational awareness. Our customers know that Abaco System brings industry-leading expertise and experience, together with broad and deep customer support.


Working Together Gets Us There Faster

To get the earliest possible access to the latest technologies, our customers rely on us forming very close relationships with the industry ecosystem. Here, we describe how that works – to our customers’ benefit.


Object Detection the Deep Learning Way

Hundreds of millions of years ago, creatures worked out to how to see and make sense of the world around them. Now, deep learning uses the knowledge we've gained over time about how our eyes learn - enabling powerful computers to see things pretty much the way we do.


FPGAs: Where Defense and Particle Physics Collide

FPGA technology is characterized by its versatility. Widely deployed in military applications in multi-channel radar, for example, the speed and flexibility FPGAs offer find them put to use in some remarkable environments – such as particle physics research.


Damaged Car

“Off-the-shelf?” You Wish…

Today’s increasing focus on innovations that utilize the modularity of COTS technology indicates that a future of readily available, mission-specific embedded computing technology isn’t far off.


US F-15E Strike Eagle

Looking Back on 20+ Years of Networking

Before retiring, Abaco’s embedded computing expert Richard Spiesman reflects on advancements in embedded form factors, silicon technology and more.


FMC Radar Illustration

Rising to the Multi-channel Radar Systems Challenge

As today’s military applications require more data, more channels and more speed, radar applications are feeling the pressure. Fortunately, there’s a new way to get the performance you need.


Blue Angels Foundation thanks Abaco Systems

Supporting Our Warfighters

We’re committed to keeping our warfighters safe and effective with our embedded computing systems—and our ongoing support of the Blue Angels Foundation.


Abaco Systems at EW Europe 2017

Wet and Windy? It Must Be London in June

We had a productive and enjoyable week at EW Europe discussing the challenges facing electronic warfare providers—and we didn’t let a little bad weather rain on our parade.



CANSEC 2017: Old Friends, New Opportunities

We had another great show at CANSEC this year, connecting with our customers and showing the industry some truly next-generation systems.


IBM Personal Computer

A Computing Revolution?

Embedded computers in mil/aero have traditionally been point solutions. But high customization often slows time-to-deployment. Shouldn’t there be a way to get the best of both worlds?



Three Ways Modular Embedded I/O Can Optimize Your System’s Performance

Meeting I/O requirements in embedded systems once caused major challenges and performance tradeoffs. With a modular embedded I/O approach, that’s no longer the case.


RES3000 Rugged Ethernet Switch

What's So Open About OpenWare? Part Two

How does our OpenWare Ethernet switch management software deliver the flexibility and functionality you need? We built it with the perfect balance of open source and proprietary tools. Here’s how.



What’s So Open About OpenWare?

We’ve always believed in the power of open source software to deliver flexible and secure performance—and with our OpenWare switch management package, we’re bringing that power to our customers.


Abaco Meets Jensen Huang

GTC: I Meet a Hero

GTC 2017 came to an amazing end when we were able to show NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang our latest use of his company’s technology: the GVC1000.


GTC Conference Keynote

GTC: AI Is Touching Everything

The AI revolution was well underway on day three of GTC 2017, with amazing breakthroughs and exciting demonstrations from start to finish.