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Abaco Systems helps military and aerospace organizations minimize program risk and bring programs in on time and on budget. Our integrated, rugged systems solutions are based on a product range that includes single board computers, high performance embedded computing (HPEC), digital signal processing, GPGPU, image processing, sensor processing and avionics. We ally to those products our understanding of applications including ISR, EW, SIGINT, radar, sonar and 360 degree situational awareness. Our customers know that Abaco System brings industry-leading expertise and experience, together with broad and deep customer support.


Show Me the Cable: Why Product Flexibility Provides Customer Solutions

When it comes to network devices, there are many factors that can affect a customer’s decision. Customers normally want the latest, fastest, most sophisticated LAN technology, but they are sometimes constrained by things which are not obvious. This means that suppliers who are flexible and able to accommodate unusual requests can be in a strong position. With GE’s range of NETernity switches, we provide a lot of that ability to handle the “...


Big Data: A Force for Good--or Evil?

We hear a lot about “Big Data” today. The idea of capturing enormous bodies of data and then analyzing that data is heralded for its potential to understand the cosmos, cure disease, provide safety for our citizens and save the environment… For all its promise, though, there are as many voices that decry it as the very end of privacy, liberty and security. What we have are two enormous and very polarizing viewpoints about Big Data in modern...


Blue Angels

Supporting Our Veterans: It's Personal

GE is respected worldwide for the quality of its business leaders. In fact, Aon Hewitt, the global human resources and consulting company, ranked GE first on its annual Global Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders list . We are a little obsessed with this whole leadership thing. It’s ingrained in the very DNA of the company: we seek to find the best talent, to nurture and develop the world’s best leaders. There is another “organization” out there...


End of VME

Is This the End of VME?

In the second of our business leader guest posts, Richard Kirk, Product Manager for Single Board Computers, shares some insights on the VME form factor. Ever since GE announced the first 3U VPX single board computer in May 2006 (the SBC340 ) our customers have been asking me, “Is VME dead?” They were asking it again when the OpenVPX industry working group—of which GE was a founding member—was formed in January 2009. They’ve been asking us the...


high performance embedded computer

Not All Open Architecture Middleware Is Created Equal: Life of MPI

We now live in a world where embedded systems are expected to be built around Open Architectures (OA), from both hardware and software perspectives. The end customer is looking to reduce costs over the lifetime of programs, and views mandating non-proprietary components as a key element in constraining those costs. That revives an enduring discussion about open standards vs. proprietary solutions: Does the use of OA stifle innovation and...



Happy Birthday, COTS

At GE's Intelligent Platforms business, our business leaders are our product managers. This is the first in a series of guest posts by our Embedded Product Management team, where they will share their thoughts and industry/technology insights. Mike Stern is product manager for our DSP/multiprocessing and High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) business. A birthday that has passed largely unremarked this year is the 20th anniversary of COTS...


Tell Us How You Feel

Engineers are not necessarily known for their concern over a customer’s feelings. Their intense focus on product design, meeting schedules and growing their experience level are foremost in many cases—so it's been interesting to see recent discussion on the customer experience with a company’s products. In a recent Fortune magazine article , Brad Smith, the CEO of Intuit , a provider of personal and small business finance software, discusses how...


On Veterans Day

This year, like most, we hear a lot about our brave brothers and sisters who have answered our nation’s call to serve. Their commitment to our nation inspires us; we host charity events, hold parades and relate stories about these noble folks. It makes me wonder, though...what about the rest of the year? Many of these folks have devoted their lives to our military on the battlefields of our nation’s commitments—yet it seems that only at this...


The Industrial Sector: Not So Boring Anymore

One of the best things about working for GE is the opportunity not only for career advancement, but for complete career change. GE does so many things, you could literally spend a lifetime hopping around the business taking on a variety of roles and working in a range of industries. I've spent my GE career working on embedded technologies in our Intelligent Platforms business. Over the years, I've had a number of opportunities to work on our...


The Little Robot That Could

Our friends from Military & Aerospace Electronics recently visited our resident robot-geek Dustin Franklin at our AUSA booth to talk about how GE is using gaming technology in military applications. Contrary to the rumors floating around at the show (probably started by Dustin himself) GE's Intelligent Platforms business is not in the robot business and we did have to disappoint some potential customers who wanted to buy one as a Christmas...


AUSA 2014: It's a Wrap

For those of you who have been following our posts from the AUSA show, I thought I’d share some thoughts about the show and what lies behind all this fuss. Most of us are back home now and chafing at the bit to follow up on the good work started there. This, of course, is a much longer-term effort and will go on for (at least) the period between now and the next AUSA show in 2015. This fact reminded me that serving our armed forces as a supplier...


AUSA 2014: It's Been a Hard Day's Night

The last day of the show always looked like it was going to be one of our busiest—but it could get challenging if everything didn’t run to plan… It got challenging. The number of commitments we had for the day meant that the daily pre-brief over-ran—but fortunately, the team had done a super job the previous evening, so the booth looked great—again. Then, our 9:00 appointment asked if we could shift it back. Yep, no problem—if we can get some of...


AUSA Day 3: The Great, the Good—and the Tiny

Well, that’s day two over and done with, and the last day of the show is upon us. It may have been pretty tiring, but it’s been so rewarding and worthwhile. The team is really up for one last major effort. As well as our continuing customer meetings, we’ve had other guests on the GE stand. Notable among them was Gary Sinise—star of Forrest Gump, Truman and Apollo 13 among other major movies , and an Emmy and Golden Globe winner. He was at AUSA...


AUSA Day 2: Connecting on the Connected Battlefield

So: Day 2 of AUSA 2014 dawned bright and early, and began with a booth staff meeting to ensure we’re all lined up and facing in the same direction. Many folks felt that the show got off to a slow start yesterday—something to do with it being Columbus Day, we’re guessing—but there were still plenty of visitors. In fact, from a personal point of view, it seemed like first day attendance was up on last year—but I may be mistaken. What happened...


AUSA Day 1: Suited and Booted

After weeks— months, in fact —of preparation, the big day has arrived. It’s the first day of AUSA 2014! It’s been hectic, but we’re ready. Our stand looks amazing and the demonstrations we’ll be giving will hopefully show that, despite Ian McMurray’s misgivings , demonstrating isn’t a lost art—at least, not at GE. We’re all suited and booted and fully briefed—and the next three days sees us hosting an array of guests who are, by any standards,...